When you want to mix it up a bit, just flip it! The reversible skirts will have the same shape and fit as the Original Minne-Skirts but with double-hang zippers so you can wear both sides.

Black on the front, Topographical on the reverse.
There is an exterior pocket you can attach to both sides for your must-haves!

minneskirt \mi-nē-skûrt\ noun
1. a well-tailored, down-insulated skirt designed in Minnesota;
2. a jacket for your “butt”;
3. used to enjoy anything else that takes you outside, i.e. commutes, errands, snowshoeing, skiing and biking – or cold indoors. Perfect for hockey games and tournaments;
4. keeps you cozy in cold offices and drafty houses.

Made of a durable and soft polyester outer-layer, duck down on the inside, excellent craftsmanship, heavy duty zippers on both sides for maximum mobility … We haven’t been out yet ONCE without someone commenting on the concept and skirt!

Don’t worry, ladies – the cut of the skirt was thoughtfully considered so not to add any extra fluff to the ‘back side’!

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