Winter is FINALLY here!! So are the Minne-skirts!

WINTER is here!

If anyone knows how to endure and embrace a long winter it’s MINNE-sotans….so we have field-tested and designed the MINNE-skirt, a down-insulated skirt, to accommodate.

“A jacket for your butt” – basically 🙂

Wear it on your commute to work, before that ski or run race, while you do errands, in your drafty office or house…Wear it ANYWHERE! Wear them over your jeans, pajamas, tights and boots – anyway you want!

Made of a durable and soft polyester outer-layer, duck down on the inside, excellent craftsmanship, heavy duty zippers on both sides for maximum mobility … you’ll find them comfortable, well-tailored and fun to wear. I haven’t been out yet ONCE without someone commenting on the concept and skirt!

Order yours now!