About Us

Chicked® (chik-t)

Chick: -noun. The female who just passed you.
Chicked: -verb. The act of getting passed by a female athlete.

About Chicked

CHICKED focuses on empowering female athletes, professionals and life-livers to get out and compete in all aspects of the Game of Life. With a spirit of female camaraderie and a bit of competitiveness, we announce our strength. We know we can do it and we are assuring the people we pass along the way are well informed!

CHICKED started in Minneapolis, by two “chicks” – Jennifer Martin and Gretchen Heim, has taken off and is proud to be empowering women with attitude-inspiring athletic wear.

Our Mission:

Let’s be honest, you don’t need us to motivate you to finish well. We are simply giving you a billboard to wear. So while you’re concentrating on the road, the trail, the game or the finish line…those behind you are well informed.

Our Friends:


CHICKED gives a portion of their proceeds to the Women’s Funding Network to empower others to “chick” in all ways and walks of life.

We would like to acknowledge all of our talented and dedicated friends who are continually supportive and inspiring.

Talk to us about starting your own CHICK team in your town!!

Our Policies:

Shipping: Allow 7-10 days for shipping, although we usually get it out right away.  We support the US Postal Service and send everything through them unless you request otherwise.

Return Policy: We have a 14 day return policy, assuming there is no wear.

Payment: We process credit cards through PayPal, and also over the phone. We do accept checks and cash, as well – contact us at jennifer@chicked.com or by phone: 612-799-9192